#FreeRunHelps #KMI24 #WorthyCause

FreeRun was found in 2016 thanks to a deep passion for sports and the idea of combining entertainment with something useful. Because of the good feeling and because today’s world isn’t always fair, we have realised that even a little help is appreciated and counted. Through races, we help with movement – running, cycling or walking. That’s why everyone can get involved and feel as much comfortable as possible. We have no limitations, we do not have rules, because if you want to be a better person, you can just do it with us. Helping was never easier!

The idea of FreeRun nourishes our desire to change our surroundings. The desire of young people who are not afraid to dream and go after their dreams. The purpose is to link fun and an active lifestyle with the help where it is needed. Let’s open our eyes, join forces because TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE!